Aremac Consultants, LLC

Specializing in Production / Post Production Services

Jordan S. Friedberg
President / CEO

A Consulting Firm Providing....

Forensic Accounting - Our services include expert witness testimony and advice, as well as financial investigations including fraud, asset tracing, and production budget fraud.

Equipment Valuation - Due-diligence inspection reports and capital asset analysis and valuations. We can provide you with a complete list of your equipment inventory, including purchase costs, current market values, and replacement costs.

One-Stop Production/Post Production Completion & Supervision - We will supervise the completion of a project from any point during principal photography through the final dub and printing process.

Budgets - We will provide budgets or analyze existing budgets for any or all phases of production or post production. We can obtain competitive bids, and help determine the best solution for particular production / post production needs.

Timelines/Time-to-Complete Analysis - We will analyze your production and post production needs, and provide the necessary timeline analysis for completion, with options for timesaving and cost decision.

Provided Relationships and Resources:

  • Digital opticals, visual special effects, & titles
  • Sound mixing/scoring/editing
  • Facilities and personnel
  • Film editing rooms
  • Off-line/on-line editing systems/editors
  • Film editors / Title designers
  • Sound mixers / Effects & music editors
  • Post supervisors
  • Production /post production management


Friedberg holds an MBA, and has over 28 years of experience in production and post production management. He has strong financial analytical business skills in all areas of accounting, forensic accounting, budgeting, and finance. He has worked with innovative leaders in both film and video post production and production.

Friedberg has been an associate producer of more than 480 productions for television.

Corporate Accounting Manager, ABC: Supervised the corporate and production accounting departments, with a staff of over 56 employees.

Director of Operations /Programming /Financial Analysis: Cable Network with corresponding interactive broadband Internet website. Traveled internationally to purchase programming.

CFO, Optical, Title, & Visual Effects Company

CFO/Associate Producer: Production Company producing television network and cable programming, averaging more than 60 hours of completed programming per year.

CFO, Production & Digital Post Production Company considered to be a state-of-the-art digital facility for completion of commercials, videos, long/short form music videos, network programming, and feature films.

Aremac Consultants, LLC

Our firm seeks to provide a broad range of consulting services to "completion bond" and insurance providers, the banking, accounting community, leasing companies, production, post production, and sound companies, and film laboratories, in all segments of the film and television industry.

We bring close to 60 years of combined experience in production, post production, packaging, marketing, publicizing, and distribution of motion pictures, television network and cable programming, independent documentaries, music videos, and infomercials.

Jordan S. Friedberg

Office/Cellular: (310) 804-4606